Private Commissions

Custom made couture from Debbie Wingham is the main function of her empire; she started out with producing unique pieces for her clients when she first established her name.  She worked for individual people and consulted for many big brands producing mainly finale gowns for brands that show during fashion week around the world.  Since then although Debbie has a lingerie line which is the only off the peg exquisite piece of Wingham engineering which can be purchased, she still concentrates her efforts on fulfilling each individuals needs in the form of that perfect dress.  Whether it be Bridal creations to a gown for any occasion, Debbie’s fusion of well seasoned creations, beautiful execution and the most exquisite fabric choices from the elite couturier supplies around the world gives each dress a unique response to the client’s specifications.

The synonymous cut or signature style of her designs are explained by Debbie as a gown with a fluid yet fitted feel, with exquisite movement and when worn inspires thoughts of youth. For example when you use to raid your mother's wardrobe and parade around in anything that embodied the princess feeling not to be mistaken by sugar plum fairy gowns mind, just the feeling that you don't want to take it off and you love walking back and forth just to appreciate the dresses dynamism.  The way Debbie cuts a dress is an exclusive cut to her brand as Debbie has never seen another designer duplicate it.   It’s not a bias cut, which it does often get misinterpreted for it’s a little more than that, it gives a lot more gesture of movement therefore sits perfectly on both the slimmer or the more shapilicous lady.

At an initial consultation Debbie will listen to your ideas and consider carefully. She carries a vast amount of swatch books which range from fabrics to embellishments, lining trims to imagery of other clients.  Each client will be involved in the design and evolution of their dress. Some clients choose to select their inspiration from gowns they already own that sit beautifully on their bodies or tare sheets from magazines. Others we will sketch from scratch and piece together the overall look based on the location of where you will wear the gown, along with the fabrics and luxurious embellishments selected, others choose to look through my vast range of samples, try on and build their unique creation on that basis. This can be helpful as it can make the final design instantly more visible.

Everyone has their own way but all these methods will lead to that dream dress you have always wanted in your walk-in wardrobe or for the most important day of your life, your wedding day.  Regarding the cut of your creation Debbie will advise throughout, to ensure your personal commission fits beautifully and compliments your body shape; colour choice and fabric texture plays a big part in te overall look and Debbie will be on hand guiding you so that you can get the absolute best from your meticulously crafted unique creation.   She will use drawings and fabric samples to work towards a final design and costing. Her love of fabrics means she works closely with specialised suppliers in order to source the ideal fabric for each dress. When appropriate she can collaborate with bespoke jewellery designers, embroiderers and accessory makers.  A bespoke dress can take up to three months to make, this is mainly bridal though as normally orders are completed within 3-4 weeks.

Terms & Conditions of Private Commissions

Debbie's private client design work is subject to an initial consultation, and work completed to the clients brief.

Debbie will do her best to keep the client updated with any changes on fabric and design but does not accept any liability for fabric being out of stock for certain changes to be made out of professional design integrity.

Refund Policy

As the commissions are one off and tailored to the customers own preference there is a zero refund policy on any monies paid as this will have contributed to the material costs and designers time.

Debbie has over 14 years in couture experience and it is often better to utilise this experience rather than dictate the process.

Debbie strives for customer satisfaction so if you are unhappy and need alterations, you have seven days from delivery to get in touch and ask for these. Any amendments sought beyond the seven days will be charged at Debbie's usual rate.

Any instruction of Debbie Winghams services you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

If you would like to make an appointment with Debbie email