Debbie started out her fashion career at the age of 13, working on school productions in the wardrobe department. This is where the story begins..

Her mother a skilled seamstress passed down her craft to her daughter and coupled with Debbie's keen eye for detail, her own unique creations were born. By the age of 18 Debbie moved from her humble South Yorkshire roots to London with ambition and plans to start her fashion empire.

The self-taught designer started her trading at Greenwich market and then opened her own boutique in Hoxton. A year later she made the jump from east to west and opened a showroom on the uber chic Kings Road.

By 2005 her gowns were worn to the BAFTA'S and a well renowned fashion columnist wrote "the best dress at this year's BAFTA'S was a dress designed by an unknown designer, but watch this space........" This was a turning point for Debbie and at last the press took an interest and the celebrity client list was growing rapidly, aided by the red carpet esque appeal of her gowns.

Debbie started to work under a non-disclosure contract and create finale pieces for the big fashion houses; and after collaborations with other fashion houses Debbie felt it was time to do her own show. The collection still encapsulated her signature style which is without a doubt red carpet, so she decided to make the jump across the pond to Los Angeles to exhibit her first collection in its rightful habitat, the home of the 'A' list away from home, the Chateau Marmont. The collection was shown during LA fashion week in October 2009; it was a glamorous affair held pool side at the Chateau. The amazing avocation naturally added a few names to the ever expanding celebrity client list such as Katy Perry, Amanda Holden, Kate winslet, Hillary Swank, Amy Smart, Catherine Jenkins, Rebecca Ferguson, and Dita Von Teese. To date Debbie's creations have featured in magazines such as: Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, British Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Elle., Hello, JFW, LA Times and more.

Debbie appeared on Britain's Next Top Model and was a guest judge, her creations have appeared on Sex and the City, Desperate House Wives and Ugly Betty.

Debbie took a short sabbatical from fashion to spend time with her 3 daughters from 2009-2011 and although still produced custom made couture for her clients, she did so around her family life.

The big come back to the fashion world Debbie did in true couture style, she made the world's most expensive black diamond dress, valued at a staggering 3.5 million pounds. It boasted 50 separate two carat flawless black diamonds, 25 on the peplum, 25 framing the shoulders and a centre piece of five carat flawless black diamonds which framed the bustier, the rest of the gown had 1500 white pointer diamonds along with fine beading and delicate chain mail detail.

Debbie Wingham attracted worldwide media coverage and was the talk of Hollywood, with the launch of the world's most expensive black diamond dress and subsequent World Tour. The world's most expensive black diamond dress as graced the pages of over 100 luxury fashion and lifestyle publications, made front page news around the world and was televised on BBC news, E! Entertainment and Access Hollywood. She is well known amongst social circles of elite ladies who appreciate luxurious finishes and the discretion of owning a unique and one of a kind piece.

In 2013 Debbie managed to excel into a new realm of luxury when she launched the red diamond abaya, It was valued at a staggering 11.7 million pounds sterling making it notably the most expensive garment in the world.

Centre stage of the garment sat the world's most expensive and rarest diamond. One in every one hundred million diamonds is a natural red colour, making it the rarest diamond in the world. The red diamond alone was valued at 5.4 million pounds.

The Abaya also featured black diamonds, Debbie's signature stone, along with white diamonds and the rare red diamond. The number of stones in the Abaya were 3000 in total which included 50 2 carat flawless white diamonds, 50 2 carat flawless black diamonds, the beautiful Red diamond and 1899 pointer diamonds and 1000 pointer rubies. All the diamonds are set in Platinum. The Abaya boasted over 5000,000 stitches all of which are hand stitched in 14 carat white gold thread, the other details found on the embellishment include an intricate layering detail and delicate beading detail with a raised flower effect all created by hand.

The red diamond abaya was covered by the media internationally once again but was the biggest success in the UAE, Debbie appeared on the biggest and most exclusive channels out there and since last year Debbie as a number of Arabian private clients including Arabian royalty. She is still creating capsule collections particularly for the Middle East, where she travels to several times per year to put on private runways shows for her clientele.

This year is a whole new chapter for her though, she launched a fashion academy called Future of fashion which is a creative academy for children aged from 7-18. Future of fashion officially launched in august 2014 it's a combination of after school clubs and week-long workshops where her pupils will create clothing, millinery, accessories which include Bags, jewellery, shoes and so on.....

All these items are showcased at the end of the workshop in the finale fashion show which is attended by the parents of the children and the media.

Pupils will acquire skills such as upcycling unwanted items into wearable master pieces, template and pattern making skills, design and mood-board techniques of which will come in handy as growing creative's and in day to day school life. Debbie has also secured a place in February 2016 London fashion week for all her pupils, she will be the first designer to ever showcase children's designs at the prestigious event.

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There is no doubt that this fashionista is growing from strength to strength and what her plans are next whether diamond encrusted or not are bound to be impactful!